A dispensing cell that suits your needs

This system adapts to your requirements, not vice versa

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These days, electronics manufacturers need to be versatile and are facing a proliferation of quality requirements. All this against the background of growing cost pressure. To make ends meet, production must be flawless.

The investment costs of standard production equipment are low, but potting and encapsulation of electronic components quickly shows their limitations. So, is this the solution? Absolutely not. A real alternative is the CNCell, a high-performance dispensing cell made by Scheugenpflug.

Each CNCell is custom-built from standardised modules. The focus is being put on peak performance and process reliability. Users benefit from the know-how accumulated over many years in a large number of customer projects; know-how which was used to develop the CNCell.

The result is a highly functional cell covering the complete spectrum of automation in the context of metering and dispensing. This new approach provides electronics manufacturers with a "custom" solution for the price of standard equipment.

A new concept of standardisation

Standardisation does not necessarily mean less versatility. This is Scheugenpflug's idea behind the CNCell. It is a cutting-edge approach, where not the cell as such has been standardised, but the modules used to build it. In a "plug & play" kind of installation, fitting the cell with the modules needed is quick and easy and it can be put into operation right away.

All modules' dimensions and interfaces match perfectly. This allows quick reconfigurations and a wide variety of combinations. It is therefore very easy to adapt the dispensing cell to handle new products or changed processes. Users may choose from modules of different sizes, various axis systems and from a whole range of methods for feeding and handling the electronic parts.

All conventional methods used for process monitoring and dispensing result optimisation are supported, such as e.g. scales, needle status measurement, camera systems, etc.). It is possible to operate the CNCell as a stand-alone system or as a scalable in-line solution. For the production of larger volumes of pieces side openings e.g. allow a conveyor to pass through. This can be retrofitted easily at any time.

The control unit uses equally proven standard components. The UVIS neo controller is built with state-of-the-art Beckhoff hardware and makes the system intuitive and easy to operate. The integrated programming interface (UPIC) lets the user generate CNC dispensing programs directly at the dispensing cell, on its 15" touch-screen display.

The new 3D dispensing display visualises the CNC code in different views. This makes programming much more efficient. Even inexperienced operators detect errors at a glance. There is no more need for tedious location of the flaw.

The standard version of the CNC path control supports movements in three dimensions, along the X, Y and Z axes; more axes can be added if required. Communication with other systems and computer controllers is done via integrated dedicated interfaces.

A singular approach that suits all needs

The modular approach of the CNCell suits the performance requirements of electronics manufacturers. Its favourable price renders costly experiments with standard systems obsolete.

This approach not only meets the needs of general production requirements, it provides benefits for all departments of a company: The production supervisor will appreciate its high productivity and versatility. Quality management will no longer have to worry about dispensing quality. The procurement head will cheer the prices equivalent to those of standard systems and the upper management will find the CNCell's modular scalability a smart investment that will pay off in dividends for years to come.

Source: Scheugenpflug AG