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Ajex & Turner Wire Dies Co.
A-53. G.T. Karnal Road Near Azadpur
110 033 New Delhi, India

Phone: +91 11 9810111137
Fax: +91 11 23973240

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Drawing dies - repairing and machining  
Extrusion dies  
Diamond drawing dies 3 Products
Polycrystalline drawing dies  
Enamelled drawing dies  
Oils, greases, lubricants  
Compacting/Buching Dies


Ajex & Turner also offers exceptional quality tooling for special applications: Bunching, stranding & compacting dies. Tailor-made well blended profiles for superior and wire quality. Available tungsten carbide polycrystalline diamond and natural and synthetic single crystal diamond.

Extrusion Tools


For many years AJEX has been supplying natural diamond, tungsten carbide and PCD extrusion tools to the cable inudstry. Provide us with your specification and we'll provide you with long lasting custom - made extrusion tooling to help your extrusion process run efficiently.

Achieve more accurate and consistent insulation with state of the art sintering and grinding technology. We guarantee that all AJEX precision extrusion tools Accuracy in concentricity within 0.005 mm depending on the type of tool and design.

Solid Enameling Dies



Pioneer in manufacturing of wire Drawing Dies Ajex & Turner recommend to its valued customers to achieve a more accurate and consistent Enameling application on their magnet wire with Ajex Enameling dies, to select from a standard style or provide us with your detailed specifications to help your Enameling process run smoothly and economically.


Ajex & Turner has developed solid Enameling dies with leak-proof design, Dies are available with a Tungsten Carbide insert from sizes .008" (0.2 mm) and larger or single crystal Diamond or P.C.D. insert for size .005" (0.125 mm) and larger. The tapered internal geometry allow easy thread ability for even the smallest wire sizes.
These dies are compatible with the vertical and horizontal Enameling machines of major manufacturers worldwide.