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Pulp baling wire (Produktkategorie: Sicherheitsdraht, Stacheldraht)
Pulp baling wire

Our wire’s high tensile strength satisfies the norms and regulations of workplace safety authorities and can be adjusted according to the specific requirements of our customers. It also helps ... mehr

Class A30 - Anticor Plast (Produktkategorie: Korrosionsschutzsysteme)

Anticor Plast in a petrolatum type anticorrosion system in class A30 accoriding to PN- EN12068. Contents of system Anticor Plast is following: • internal (mail corrosion protection) ... mehr

SYNTETIX CF (Produktkategorie: Korrosionsschutzsysteme)

ANTICOR SYNTETIX CF - a new technology in corrosion protection technology carrier pipes in casing pipe. Products have: - Positive opinion of the Gas and Oil Institute, recommending the use in ... mehr

SYNTETIX MAGNUM (Produktkategorie: Korrosionsschutzsysteme)

Anticor Syntetix Magnum – anticorrosion filer for flanges (above the ground). Features: • always plastic (-25oC ÷ 55oC), • easy to fill, even for not cleaned or hard ... mehr

Cold Heading Dies (Produktkategorie: Kaltstauch- und Stanzziehsteine)
Cold Heading Dies

Tungsten Carbide - Dies and Punches for Bolt and Nut Former Dies with Straight Bore, Pointing, Extrusion, Double Extrusion, CSK and Washer Dies with profile e. g. Triroundular Dies for ... mehr

Wire/Bar/Tube Drawing Dies (Produktkategorie: Hartmetall-Ziehsteine)
Wire/Bar/Tube Drawing Dies

Tungsten Carbide - Wire, Bar And Tube Drawing Dies Mandrels And Floating Plugs Rectangular/Square/Hex/ Special Profile Draw Dies Tools & Wear Parts For Welding Rod Industry Deep ... mehr

Bars - agility (Produktkategorie: Nickel)
Bars - agility

Key player in the field of high- nickel alloys, Aperam Alloys Imphy is now able to extend its offer to a large range of forged, drawn bars or billets from continuous casting: - Cold- finished ... mehr

Plates - ingenuity (Produktkategorie: Nickel)
Plates - ingenuity

Aperam Alloys Imphy is a key player in the field the Nickel Iron. We also offers an extensive range of alloys in the form of Plates. We can supply: - Thicknesses from 6 mm to 250 mm and widths up ... mehr

Strips - accuracy (Produktkategorie: Nickel)
Strips - accuracy

From the reroll to the cold rolled strip in the thinest thickness and tolerances, Aperam Alloys Imphy responds to the market demands. ... mehr

Cooper-Nickel Alloys (Produktkategorie: Nickel)

For the manufacturing of low temperatures electric resistances so as heating principally destined cables, shunts, resistances for automobile, they have a maximum operating temperature of 400 °C. ... mehr

Iron-Chromium - Aluminium (Produktkategorie: Nickel)

Those are alloys of chemical composition Fe + Cr + Fe with some additional elements and rare earth so as Yttrium, zirconium, Titan, Cerium, and Lanthanum which confer them: An excellent ... mehr

Nickel-Chromium Aollys (Produktkategorie: Nickel)

Those are alloys of chemical composition Ni + Cr + Fe with some additional elements so as Silicium (Si) and manganese (Mn) in order to confer them an excellent behaviour when hot and an addition of ... mehr

ab Lager oder ab Werk (Produktkategorie: ferritisch)

Bleche und Bänder, kalt- und warmgewalzt, in Standard- und Nichtstandardformaten/Abmessungen, auf Wunsch mit Oberflächenbearbeitung (geschliffen, gebürstet, Sonderschliff, Duplo), ... mehr

ab Lager oder ab Werk (Produktkategorie: austenitisch)

Bleche und Bänder, kalt- und warmgewalzt, in Standard- und Nichtstandardformaten/Abmessungen, auf Wunsch mit Oberflächenbearbeitung (geschliffen, gebürstet, Sonderschliff, Duplo), ... mehr

ab Werk (Produktkategorie: martensitisch)

Bleche, in Standard- und Nichtstandardformaten/Abmessungen. ... mehr

CONDENSER & HEATER TUBES (Produktkategorie: austenitisch)

APEX manufacturers specialty welded tubing for heat transfer applications like condenser, feedwater heater, LP heater and HP heater etc. on its state- of- the- art, PLC run tube mills. All operations ... mehr

EFW (ELECTRIC FUSION WELDED) PIPES (Produktkategorie: austenitisch)

A combination of specially designed equipments like 1600MT press brake machine, multiple rolls bending machine, welding installations for outside, inside and circumferential welding, size calibrating ... mehr

SEAMLESS PIPES & TUBES (Produktkategorie: austenitisch)

With specialised machinery like cold pilgering machines, draw benches, solution annealing furnace and U- bending facility, APEX offer the best quality seamless tubes and pipes.   ... mehr

WELDED PIPES & TUBES (Produktkategorie: austenitisch)

APEX is a specialist in manufacturing welded pipes & tubes. With its enviable manufacturing infrastructure, vast experience and depth in understanding of the subject, its capabilities match with ... mehr

Bewehrungskorbschweißmaschinen (Produktkategorie: Draht- und Seilschweißmaschinen)

Ein breit gefächertes Lieferprogramm an Korbschweißmaschinen für eine Vielzahl von Anwendungen VSA – zur vollautomatischen Herstellung ab Ring von leichten ... mehr

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