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wire Video join the best again: 4 - 8 April 2016


Innovative concept for huge workpieces

The ultraturn MC offers plenty of innovations, which combine highest precision during the machining process with optimum productivity and flexibility. read more

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Press release wire 2014 and Tube 2014

Let us look back on five successful trade fair days - read the press release wire and Tube 2014. More information

Press release Read the press release wire and Tube 2014.

wire 2014 live!

Extensive review on wire 2014 with video interviews, web reports and photo galleries! More information

wire 2014 live! Extensive review on wire 2014!

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Innovative concept for huge workpieces

01/11/2015 - New Horizontal Machining Center for workpieces of 12 up to 250 tons of weight reduces main times, down times, set-up times, waiting and transport times significantly read more

Producing efficiently with light

01/10/2015 - Lasers play a key role in the manufacturing of the future. Bundled light is a core element of Industry 4.0, in which the virtual, digital world is connected to real manufacturing. read more

A symphony in Steel

01/09/2015 - A duet of atomic and magnetic resonances makes steels stable in high temperatures read more

Algorithms in moulding technology

01/07/2015 - Researchers of the Institut für Integrierte Produktion Hannover (IPH – Institute for Integrated Production Hanover) are working together with the industry on software that automatically determines the optimal preform. read more

Meet high cleanliness requirements efficiently

01/07/2015 - In many applications, the cleaning of components is a production step that is critical to quality; an optimal solution to this problem requires a suitable product and expertise. read more

Improved cross-section reduction

01/06/2015 - The main reasons for wire breakage during the drawing process are surface defects. Shaving is a way to remove them. read more

Easier to manufacture - The Fraunhofer Lightweight Design Alliance

01/05/2015 - Lightweight construction is considered a key technology to be able to use resources more efficiently and manufacture high-quality products. read more

Efficient production of tube and profiled semi-finished products

01/04/2015 - In order to be able to cope with current and future demands of modern vehicles, the automotive supply industry depends on efficient processes and technical innovations. read more

Dynamic concepts for collision-free pipe bending

02/02/2015 - Pipe bending depends on the use of the correct technology to ensure good results. Demanding requirements with regards to the installation space and system positioning can restrict the ideal processing of pipes. read more

Drawing and processing of non-ferrous metals wires

02/02/2015 - For the manufacture non-ferrous metal wires and the further processing into automotive wires, data cables and special cables different kinds of machines and lines are needed. read more

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